Hand Crafted Wallets

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Is cash dead? Why your wallet needs an upgrade!

The days of bulky wallets overflowing with bills are numbered. The shift to a cashless society is well and truly underway. But what does this mean...
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A bit about our new and exciting products that are launching soon

A-SLIM are redefining the small leather goods industry by blending sleek designs, unparalleled functionality all at accessible prices. The brand ha...
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Why do we test our products?

“We throw them against a wall so you don't have to” In the world of leather goods, innovation and functionality go hand in hand. At A-SLIM, we pri...
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An Interview with our founder: “If it wasn't for my Grandfather would I have ever had the opportunity to do what I do? Probably not.”

We indirectly employ over 300 people in the UK and India. Every single one of them has direct access to me, my father and other senior members of our company. Employee problems come first. Also being the best but not bragging, we let our products do the talking.
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The Names Behind The Wallets

At A-SLIM, we have taken the inspiration for the naming of our wallets from Japanese culture. Let’s explore some of the names behind our wallets an...
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How to Spot Real VS Fake Leather

No matter what leather product you’re planning on purchasing, it adds extra peace of mind to know whether you’re paying for the genuine article. No...
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The Story Behind A-SLIM Leather

In a world where synthetic materials dominate the market, mass produced items made by machinery flood our shopping streams and every item is made t...
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Caring For Your Leather Wallet

A leather wallet is not just a functional accessory; it's a timeless piece that can elevate your style and withstand the test of time. However, to ensure its durability and maintain its appearance, proper care is essential.
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What is RFID Blocking Technology?

First patented in 1983 by inventor Charles Walton, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. A type of wireless communication which uses enco...
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A Wallet For Every Dad This Father’s Day

With only a short while until June the 18th, there’s no need to stress because we have the perfect gift ready to go. From the Mr. Fix-it Dad, to th...
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