About Us

"Wallets are about form and function. The goal for a designer is to refine these functional objects, make them beautiful. If we achieve this then each time you reach for your wallet it provides you with pleasure. We often forget it is these everyday objects that provide solutions with such grace and humility."


Our Mission:

Produce the most delightfully crafted leather goods incorporating the latest technologies and techniques to offer a range unrivalled in its possible uses, a range that is built for the future. We don’t take the word “most” lightly either; each and every design here has been through rigorous testing and only then will we offer them to you.


Our Credentials:

As a team we have over 50 years of experience within the leather industry. This experience spans throughout different sectors including: manufacturing, production, design, tanning and indeed supplying. As a new company with a clear focus we have absolutely no doubt that we can offer unrivalled customer service and products.


Concepts that drive A-Slim:

Brand interaction

As a customer purchasing a luxury leather wallet we want to build a relationship with our wallets, after all it's going to live life in our pocket.... take every step with us. This is why social and environmental considerations on our part are integral to our success.

Smaller, slimmer technology

Okay, so we don’t produce the latest mind bendingly thin OLED with a billion pixels per mm but what we do have are the latest machines, fine craftsmen and women and a team who are willing to bend the rules. Take the origami collection for example, all of those products are made from a single piece of leather so we minimize leather and maximise space for cards and notes!

The world

It is a big place huh!?

We at A-Slim try our very hardest to minimise the effects we have on the world and its environment. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and is made from the excess leather from our wallets. We encourage that you reuse the packaging as you please, let us know of any uses you have found!


Interested in becoming a stockist? (Wholesale Leather Wallets)

Please contact us:

E-Mail: as@a-slim.com or Call us on: 0208 965 5353