A bit about our new and exciting products that are launching soon

A bit about our new and exciting products that are launching soon

A-SLIM are redefining the small leather goods industry by blending sleek designs, unparalleled functionality all at accessible prices. The brand has a rich heritage bringing the depth of understanding and craftsmanship to their products with the founders’ family being involved in the leather industry for over 50 years, ranging from manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing etc.

A-SLIM are committed to offering more than just leather goods; they aim to provide an experience. Aman, the founder himself says ‘A-SLIM is more than a brand; it's a testament to our dedication to quality, style, and honesty. We strive to create not just leather wallets but essential accessories that reflect the dynamic needs of our customers.’

We met with Aman, to talk more about the brand and some of the exciting new products they will be launching soon. Read on to see what he has to say:

Can you tell us more about the new exciting products arriving soon that we should look out for?

“Yes! You've probably seen our latest social posts about the new products we are launching. We have our first tri fold wallet, a super minimalistic card holder/wallet, family passport holder and a couple of other designs in the works at the moment. I won't say too much but these are all items that have either been requested by previous customers or solving issues we find throughout life.”

We understand that there has been a slight delay in the release of the new products, could you explain why that is?

“Unfortunately, a few of the designs we previewed on our social media platforms have faced delays, and we believe in transparency about the reasons behind it. At A-SLIM, our commitment to quality is paramount, and this dedication sometimes results in unforeseen challenges. Specifically, we encountered issues with the stitching techniques for certain designs that involve stitching three pieces of leather together at particular angles. In response, we've taken the necessary steps to thicken the leather for another of our naked minimalist designs - featuring one piece of leather, no lining, and an overall sleek aesthetic that we're genuinely excited about.

Our rigorous testing process spans a minimum of six months in real-world conditions, during which we scrutinise every detail. This extensive testing period allows us to identify any issues with stitching techniques or other intricacies, ensuring that we rectify them before production begins. We believe in delivering products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations, and this commitment to quality sometimes requires a bit more time.”

A-SLIM stands by the quality of their products. Their confidence in their durability comes from extensive testing. This assurance is why they proudly offer a 4-year warranty on every product. You will find that many industry leading brands do not offer a guarantee like this. Without thoroughly testing, re-testing, and making changes this wouldn't be possible and they wouldn't be able to offer customers an all round quality experience.

The new designs will be ready to go by March 2024 and Aman is looking forward to adding them to the range. Although it may seem like a long delay, it will be worth it!

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