The Names Behind The Wallets

The Names Behind The Wallets

At A-SLIM, we have taken the inspiration for the naming of our wallets from Japanese culture. Let’s explore some of the names behind our wallets and the importance of this. 


The name of our bestselling wallet is the Japanese translation for Poison. This wallet is completely streamlined and will take you by surprise, just as the name suggests. 

The rear Tap'n'Go card slot allows one credit/debit card to be scanned for travel or payment purposes while the rest of your cards kept inside Doku are kept safe and secure using the A-SLIM RFID blocking technology meaning to card clash or double payments. You can carry up to nine cards (including use of the rear slot) in Doku which still stays relatively slim and will easily slip inside your front pocket. A minimalist card wallet made for the modern age.

Burnished Tan Doku RFID Wallet


This name translates from Japanese to mean Blade. This slim card holder is small and mighty and slips in your pocket like a sharp, thin blade. 

Crafted from premium leathers with big and bold colours. This wallet is for those who aren't afraid of breaking the mould, try and find a card holder as stylish as this! As with the rest of our wallets we only use premium leathers coupled with 4 ply viscous thread to ensure durability. We apply a discreet A-Slim motif to the premium leather used as our seal of quality and workmanship.

Mahogany Hiro RFID Leather Wallet


Japanese for Power, we chose this name to signify the power of the user. For someone who is always on the go we have designed this wallet incorporating RFID technology to shield the inner slots while allowing the outside slot to be exposed for your Oyster card, travel card or contactless card of choice. Tap'n'go, there’s no need to stop with Chikara in your pocket. Chikara has been constructed by our artisan craftsman by hand using only the finest leather and 4 ply viscous thread. 

Chikara is the father of our collection, part of the regular fit range. It's not the slimmest but it is revolutionary. We apply a discreet A-SLIM motif to the premium leather used as our seal of quality and workmanship.

Brown Chikara RFID Wallet


Just as the name suggests, this wallet is all about the folding. Slick and simple, with 4 card slots available and notes can be stored by folding them in half.

Mr. Origami, the one that spawned it all for us here at A-Slim. This wallet is produced using only two pieces of leather coupled with our super strong 4 ply viscous thread. Load up the two easy access slots with your most used cards and tuck the rest in the pockets underneath. No lining or excess pockets in this wallet! Bills can be carried if you tri-fold them. It may look simple but this wallet packs a punch!

Steel Blue Origami RFID Wallet


Meaning Colour in Japanese, this wallet showcases your whimsical side. The designers at A-SLIM have created Iro to be the perfect commuter and going out card wallet. 

The small shape means you can keep it in your pocket, clutch bag and the two zip pockets means you can stash away a little change, extra cards, receipts, a small lipstick or whatever else you fancy. Everything down to the smallest details has been carefully thought about, the beautifully designed zip puller, paisley lining and the dual inner compartment make this mini wallet a joy to own. 

Vivid Iro Wallet

Explore the rest of our range to see the other inspiration we have taken from this fascinating culture.